Recently a number of clubs contacted me to ask me if I know a company that produces mini-kits. The following links can be interesting:

Recommended manufacturers and shops

TOPteams FANART - Merchandising voor clubs, sponsor en fan - de shop voor alle fans Metzen Athletic München

TOPteams (Germany)
International mini-kits.

FANART (Netherlands)
Licensed reseller/manufacturer of mini-kits in The Netherlands. (The Netherlands)
The shop for all fans.

Metzen Athletic München(Germany)
Specialized in mini-jerseys for icehockey teams.

I also receive a lot of questions from people asking me where they can buy a particular mini-kit. I used to maintain a collection of links to the club shops of all teams in the major European leagues.
I noticed however that maintaining that list is too much work. If you are looking for a particular mini-kit, surf to the website of the club and try to find the club shop.

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FANART - Merchandising voor clubs, sponsor en fan TOPTeams - de shop voor alle fans