Football Miniatures Collection

Marc Bogman - Football Miniatures Collection - The Collection

Here you can see my collection.
Click on one of the countries below (or on one of the leagues) to see the mini-kits of the clubteams.
Or click on one of the continental governing bodies (under NATIONAL TEAMS) or on one of the tournaments to see miniatures of national teams.

Austria   Latvia   Japan   Europe - UEFA
Belarus   Luxembourg   Saudi Arabia   South America - CONMEBOL
Belgium   Malta   Oman   Central America - CONCACAF
Croatia   The Netherlands       Asia - AFC
Czech Republic   Eredivisie   AFRICA   Africa - CAF
Gambrinus Liga   Keuken-kampioen Divisie   Egypt    
2nd League and lower   3e Divisie   Madagascar   World Cup 1982
Denmark   Others       European Championship 1984
England   Northern Ireland   SOUTH AMERICA   World Cup 1986
Premier League   Norway   Argentina   European Championship 1988
Championship   Polen   Bolivia   World Cup 1994
2nd Division   Portugal   Brazil   European Championship 1996
3rd Division / Non League   Republic of Ireland   Chile   World Cup 1998
Finland   Romania   Ecuador   World Cup 2002
France   Russia   Peru   European Championship 2004
Germany   Scotland   Uruguay   World Cup 2006
1. Bundesliga   Serbia       European Championship 2008
2. Bundesliga   Slovakia   CENTRAL AMERICA    
3. Bundesliga   Spain   Costa Rica   Miscellaneous
Regionalliga   Sweden   Mexico   Unknown
Oberliga   Switzerland        
Verbandsliga / Other   Turkey   NORTH AMERICA   to startpage
Former DDR   Ukraine   USA    
Greece       Major League Soccer    
Hungary       North American Soccer League