This site is about my football miniatures collection. A football miniature is a strongly reduced replica of the outfits of sports teams.

In 1994 I bought the first miniature, from my favourite team: Feyenoord Rotterdam.
Because I am a big football fan, and the 'real' replicas are too expensive, I started to collect the miniatures. The result is a collection of 2535 miniatures from 1256 different clubs.

My collection has become this big thanks to the help of a number of friends and fans from around the world. A special thanks to Mr. Kübler and Topteams for sending me a great number of bipartite mini-kits. Also a special thanks to the clubs that support my collection. Here you can find all clubs that cooperate with me

Why miniatures? Miniatures are one of the most popular fan articles you can find. Miniatures are international: you don't need to speak a foreign language, it's clear what a miniature represents.
I hope to find more people who collect miniatures. We could compare our collections and swap some pieces.

This page does not aim for commercial goals and is not linked to any commercial company.
More information about my private collection? Write me an e-mail.

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