Stade Sclessin in Liège

Stade Sclessin in Liège Stade Sclessin - the famous Standard fans!

Opened: 1922
Seats: 30.023
Team:  Royal Standard de Liège

Officially the name of this stadium is 'Stade Maurice Dufrasne', named after the former chairman of Standard. Sclessin is actually the area of the city where the stadium is located.
My friend Arno and I visited a match between Standard and Anderlecht. The tickets were free of charge. The club did not reply to our e-mail to buy tickets. They decided that a club should treat their visitors with respect and gave us 2 tickets for free!!!

The second picture is a picture of the famous Standard fans. The atmosphere at the ground was one of the best I ever witnessed.

In 1922 the club bought the ground in Sclessin to play football. The first ground could contain 3.500 visitors. In 1925 the first concrete construction was build and this ground was named after the chairman, Mr. Maurice Dufrasne. The ground's capacity was now 20.000.
In 1939-1940, a new stand was build. The new stand had a 10.000 people capacity.
In 1973 the stadium reached its maximum capacity of 43.000.

To host the 2000 European Championship, the ground was again renovated in 1999.