Jan Breydel-stadion in Brugge

Jan Breydel-stadion in Bruges

Opened: 1975
Seats: 30.000
Team:  Club Brugge and Cercle Brugge

I visited this ground in the Spring of 2001. I tried several times to contact Club Brugge to ask permission to take pictures, but never got a reply. When I visited the ground both Club and Cercle Brugge didn't allow me to enter the ground.
It seems you have to have permission of the city of Bruges to make pictures. However, when asking for permission at the sports department of the city (also located at the ground), the people working there, won't allow you to take the pictures!!!

Another example of people who do not understand that we, the fans, are most important for the game.

The ground has been renovated for Euro 2000 and is the home ground of both the Bruges sides: Club Brugge and Cercle Brugge.