Koning Boudewijn Stadion in Brussels

Koning Boudewijn Stadium in Brussels

Opened: August 23, 1995
Seats: 50.000

The Koning Boudewijn Stadium (King Boudewijn Stadium) was opened on August 23rd, 1995 (Belgium 1 - Germany 2). The ground used to be called The Heizel Stadium. After the disaster on May 29th, 1985, when 39 people died during riots in The Heizel when Liverpool played the European Champions Cup final against Juventus.

The original ground was opened on August 23rd 1930, when the world championships cycling were held in The Heizel. The official opening was three weeks later when Belgium defeated Holland (4-1).

Due to legal problems, the plans to renovate the ground in the early eighties were postponed. If the government had been taking action earlier, the disaster could have been avoided.

I visited the ground in January 2003 and wasn't allowed to enter. Unfortunately you'll have to take a look at the exterior.